Use of vibrating panties has eventually become a whole-heartedly embraced lifestyle by many people who love romance. Their use as a means of performing a sizzling foreplay without much ado has particularly made the use of these panties quite common among couples especially with the new remote controlled panties which allow the male partner to stimulate their partners. Single ladies or any lady who may feel that she needs to enjoy hands-free sensual stimulation for one reason or another also finds these thongs a perfect choice for that. Basically, these thongs will have a bullet which vibrates and lies in contact with the clit and the sensitive outer genitalia parts which are highly sensitive to touch.

Some Of The Best Selling Vibrating Panties Around

Vibrating panties differ significantly from their design, fabric makeup, customization features of the vibrating bullet and many more. This makes them also differ in their efficiency and cost which translates into some of the thongs getting greater preference than others. Top on the list of the most loved vibrating thongs include:

Booty Parlor Turn Me On Panty

Booty Parlor Turn Me On Vibrating PantiesThe Booty Parlor Turn Me On is a silk and lace side tie panty. It features a removable vibrating bullet which has up to 10 unique stimulatory functions. It has a remote controller coupled with an LCD screen for easy workup even when the lights are off or when only the romance dim-color candles are lighted. The mesh design makes it look very sexy and its silky feel adds to its softness to the body.

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California Exotic Novelties Panty

California Exotic Novelties Remote Control Vibrating PantyThe California Exotic Novelties panty is a stretch-to-fit thong. It has adjustable satin ties which one can use to create a customized fit into the thong. It features a secret pocket in which the removable bullet is placed. It is remote controlled and has up to 10 fantastic functions which include vibration, escalation and pulsation functions.

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Berman Center Astrea Remote Vibrating Panty

Berman Center Astrea II Remote Virating ThongThe Berman Center Astrea Remote Vibrating Panty features 12 feet range remote control system and is designed into a sexy stretch lace. It has a contoured mini-remote stimulator which is compact and removable. It also has a number of functions to choose from on the remote which makes it easy for one to switch between functions and vary the intensity of the vibrations.

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California Exotics Vibrating Clitorus with Crotchless Panty

California Exotics Vibrating Clitorus with Crotchless PantyCalifornia Exotics Vibrating Clitorus with Crotchless Panty is specifically designed to ease access to the genitalia, and is more favorable where sexual intercourse will be under-way after stimulation. This product has a massaging bullet that gets spot-on on the clit and has Micro-Wireless stimulator. It however lacks the remote control component as is the case with the previously stated types but its design to facilitate easy access to the genitalia yet it is s vibrating thong makes it amass commendable liking.

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For all these panties, they are battery powered but the cells are very small to add any considerable weight on of the panty. This makes the panties rarely exceed 4 ounce in weight.

The Pros Side of Using Vibrating Thongs

There numerous pros of using remote control underwear. First of all, they have varied vibration patterns featured on the remote function. This gives them an advantage over the hands-on stimulation technique since the hands-on stimulation does not have the ability to vary the stimulation patterns. Secondly, the vibrating bullets vibrate quietly and thus one can still turn them on without fearing that there will be any audible sound from the panty. Thirdly, the vibrating bullets are removable and thus cleaning is quite easy. You only slip the bullet out when washing your panties and then put it back when wearing your panty again.

Your partner can also be able to stimulate you quite easing a remote control underwear which makes the experience even more romantic than the self-stimulation using vibrators. Lastly, vibrating underwear can accommodate penetrative toys such as dildos even though themselves they are not penetrative in nature. With a dildo incorporated, there is more satisfaction by the arousal created by the bullet of the vibrating underwear and the penetration feeling.

The Cons Side

The only issue that may seem unfriendly in the use of these panties is that the intense stimulation that the vibrating panties have overrides hands-on stimulation, and thus one may fail to have extremely pleasurable stimulation when the panty is not used. However, the genitals will never lose their sensitivity but the degree of sensual pleasure may not be as intense as the one experienced through the use of this kind of panty. The top-notch vibrating underwear also fetches dear prices due to their highly improved performance and functionality which may be a bit of a strain at times.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Vibrating Thong?

Before you eventually go shopping for a vibrating thong, you should ensure that you talk it out openly with your partner if you have a partner. This is because some men may consider it as a way of seeking personal satisfaction or it may create an impression that one’s spouse is inadequate in sexually satisfying his partner.

The type of material that makes the underwear should be put into consideration as well. Bearing in mind that the stimulation will often lead to raising temperatures around the genitals, sweating and getting wet, it is always advisable to get a panty that is highly breathable. The mesh-type is particularly a good choice while the tightly woven cotton panties should be avoided.

You should also test the panty prior to purchasing it. Through this testing, you will be able to tell whether the vibrating bullet really vibrates quietly or it produces a certain sound. Any vibrating underwear should not produce any audible vibration sound as this would make the person wearing it feel uneasy. This may however not be a very big problem if one only intends to use the panty while in bed or within the bedroom with her partner.

To sum it up, vibration panties are a good way to ensure that you enjoy a sexual stimulation without feeling that you are doing something wrong. And with the ability of your partner to control the functions of the vibrating panty, it becomes a fantastic piece to have at hand to spice your sexual relationship.

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