Astrea Vibrating Panties Review

If you have watched Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler starrer romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth, you must remember that comic scene in which Heigl puts on a vibrating underwear and she unexpectedly has to attend a company dinner in a restaurant.

The remote accidently falls out of her purse and reaches in the hands of a kid who starts playing with it, unaware that his playful act lands Heigl in an embarrassing situation.

You would be surprised to know that the vibrating underwear used in the movie is actually Astrea Vibrating panty, a delightful toy of sexual pleasure for a woman.

Check out the Astrea vibrating panties review and get your hands on this amazing product which has driven Heigl to the orgasm heaven:

Astrea Vibrating Panties ReviewThese are discreet vibrating panties which are controlled by a mini remote from 12-foot range. It allows you to enjoy a hands-free simulation. Featuring a beautiful stretch lace, it has a comfortable and sexy tit.

Astrea vibrating panties review by Amazon customers

Over hundred customers have reviewed Astrea vibrating panties on Amazon. According to most of the customers the product is inexpensive as compared to other competitor products. These panties are built like any other panty where the seam for the cotton liner at the bottom creates a “pocket” between the liner and the panty.

Some customers hint some drawbacks but overall loved the experience of using it alone or during love making with their partners. It’s such a fun that many husbands have gifted it to their wives to spice up their sex life.

Among the negative reviews, size is the biggest drawback. The panties run one size. Recommended to 30-32 sizes. Some users even tried the vibrator with other panties, ones that fit well, and amazingly it worked well. So, it can be another way you can use Astrea vibrating panties.

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Here is our Astrea vibrating panties review. Do share your experience of using this pleasing sex toy with us.