Best Silent Vibrators

Couples tend to look for more creative ways on how to make love, you can find evidence of this on the Kama sutra and ancient Egyptian writings, different lovemaking positions have been invented as well as toys that go with them, These toys could be large and noticeable or it could be discreet depending on the user preference, as a general preference, discreet vibrators and massagers are often kept on their purse and handbags which could be carried anywhere while large dildos are kept in their rooms. Below are some of the best silent vibrators and massagers that you can choose.

Utimi Silent Wireless vibrating Love Egg

If you want to keep a massager on your purse without having fear of the toy being discovered, you can get away with the Utimi silent vibrating love egg. This particular product is small which easily fits on every handbag or pocketpic1. This particular toy offer an additional remote control for which you could change the vibrating pattern up to 20 times, this highly discreet product can give you pleasure when you need it, enjoy hours of pleasure while on your bath with the waterproofing feature. It has a silent motor and runs with 3 AAA batteries. Your secret remains hidden with the inclusion of the silent motor giving you discreet but powerful vibrations with a push of a button.

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Utimpic2i 10 Frequency Silent Vibrator with Screw Thread

Fulfill your desire with the Utimi Silent Vibrator which has simple but classy design, Its main feature is its silent motor which provides you with discreet but strong vibrations which are able to fulfill   woman’s every need. This particular product has an elegant design and made of non-toxic materials, It is made to be portable and easy to store, The elongated shape of the massager could give you hours of pleasure with the curved design that aims to massage the G-spot. You can gain full control of the device and change from 10 different vibrating patterns and frequency to your liking. With its waterproof features and battery powered, you can easily take this toy anywhere.

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Utimi Top sex toy women masturbation female G Spot clitoral vibratorpic3

Made with a sleek and attractive design, this particular vibrator offers both clitoral massager as well as G spot stimulator. Its curved shape offers the most pleasurable experience for women of any age. The smooth texture of the product has a unique blend of pleasure and style. It is made up of high grade silicone which is considered safe for use. Choose from over 30 different vibrating patterns and vibration intensity with the powerful but ultra-silent motor design. It is battery powered and waterproof ready for any kind of action. Play with yourself anywhere you want with this sexy silent vibrator.

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Purchase any of these products if you want to have a discreet but intense and pleasurable experience. Stay in constant arousal and achieve that orgasm in minutes of playing with any of these devices. sneak away with a pleasurable escape even when your roommates are around with the silent but powerful sex toys.


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