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Top 10 Vibrators For 2015

Vibrators have a lot of different shapes and sizes, although most are for massaging the clitoris, the G-Spot or both. These vibrators offer different intensities as well as patterns that could help pleasure your partner, various designs are provided to ensure that all the sensitive parts are caressed. In order to be on top, vibrators

Best Huge Vibrators

Using a dildo is one of the best ways to enhance your sex life, a simple sex toy such as this could eventually have your partner screaming for pleasure. Often used by couples who are creative and would like to explore ways on how to improve their foreplay. There are literally hundreds of kinds of

Best Vibrating Rings

Sex toys are not only for women, there are also toys that are specially built for men; one of these sex toys is the vibrating ring which can be used to enhance and help keep the erection among men. The vibrating patterns of the ring could also help massage the clitoris which means that it

Best Silent Vibrators

Couples tend to look for more creative ways on how to make love, you can find evidence of this on the Kama sutra and ancient Egyptian writings, different lovemaking positions have been invented as well as toys that go with them, These toys could be large and noticeable or it could be discreet depending on

Best Vibrator For Couples

Vibrators and sex toys are certainly not limited to women. Men also use sex toys while and while others use different toys for him and for her, some couples just want to have more fun by having one vibrator especially made for couples. These vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and could effectively enhance

Best Double Vibrator Reviews

Vibrators have different shapes and sizes which offer features depending on your preferences, Most couples use these vibrators to pleasure themselves and extend their time for foreplay and making love by exploring on how they could use these toys. Most vibrator design mimics that of a penis along with its shape and size. However, there

Best Jelly Vibrator Reviews

Making love has never been so exciting especially when using sex toys to enhance your feeling of arousal and curiosity. Using vibrators while playing with yourself or with your partner can greatly enhance your time in the play room and can even provide you with multiple orgasms. Jelly vibrators give you a natural feeling of

Best Powerful Vibrator Reviews

Curious couples usually love different kinds of sex toys as they explore the feeling and enjoy the moment of pleasuring themselves or with their partners. Vibrators play a major part of exploring your senses which is why different kinds of vibrators are made for various purposes. Powerful vibrators offer some of the best experience for

Best Silicone Vibrator Reviews

Vibrators are some of the more popular sex toys available in the market. This enchanted stick has been one of the most sought of toys for women around the world. While there are different kinds of vibrators available in the market, silicone vibrators are a popular choice. This is because of its uncanny resemblance to

Best Realistic Vibrator Reviews

Long distance relationship could be hard, especially in times when you need someone by your side to make you happy. There are instances when people tend to be with someone who could pleasure them whilst their lover is away. This does not have to be the case since we now have realistic vibrators that could