Plus Size Vibrating Panties Reviews

There are a few products under the category of plus size vibrating. All are known to create a lot of fun and entertainment. However do these products live up to their expectations?

Fetish fantasy remote control plus size vibrating pantyFirst of all we have the Fetish fantasy remote control plus size vibrating panty. This product is available on Amazon for a price of $34.99. The product description claims that you can turn on your lover with a simple touch of a little button on the wireless remote control. The wireless controller will work for up to a radius of 25 feet. The brand highlights that the device is very discreet and that nobody around you would notice. They claim that you can press the button to turn your lover on without anybody else even realizing. The manufacturers mention that the male will be absolutely thrilled when he discovers he can now turn his lover on from the other end of the room without even making any contact. There are also adjustable straps which can allow the panties to fit on someone with almost any size of hips with a maximum of 52″. The panties are completely waterproof so they can create a lot of fun even in the swimming pool. The bullet inside the panties measures at 2.5″ long with a girth of 4″. The product comes with free batteries and samples of some personal lubricants. It is guaranteed that you will have an amazing time with these panties. The only downside to these plus size vibrating panties is the fact that they are very loud. It is recommended that they are only used in the house or in a private location as others would easily hear the vibrator, even though the manufacturers claim it is discreet. Overall this product will generate a lot of fun and allow you to have a fantastic time with your lover.

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Pipedream products fetish fantasy elite vibrating panty plus sizeThe second product is the Pipedream products fetish fantasy elite vibrating panty plus size. These panties can be purchased on Amazon for a price of $35.22 which is relatively cheap. They come in the colors white and luxurious purple. Both sexy colors which adds to the seductive effect. Inside these panties there is an ergonomic silicone instrument which performs the actions of a massage and is designed to perfectly fit the female body’s contours. There are seven different pulsation patterns of which you can choose between. You are able to find the perfect rhythm to suit you from the push of a button. The bullet inside is great for clitoral stimulation and even nipple play while you are in the shower or hot tub. This product is highly recommended as it is more discreet than other products. You can enjoy this experience with a simple press of the button. The fantastic feature of these panties is the ability to choose between seven different motions. You can choose between vibrating and throbbing to stimulate pleasure. This product is definitely recommended.

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