Top 10 Vibrators For 2015

Vibrators have a lot of different shapes and sizes, although most are for massaging the clitoris, the G-Spot or both. These vibrators offer different intensities as well as patterns that could help pleasure your partner, various designs are provided to ensure that all the sensitive parts are caressed. In order to be on top, vibrators also focus on design particularly the shape, color and texture of the device. Below are included in the top 10 vibrators for 2015 based on their ratings.

1. Napic1ughty Vibe Bullet 7 inch

The naughty vibe bullet offers a simple design almost like a small cylindrical shape with zebra stripes which reduces its awkwardness especially when seen by others. With its shape and size, it is best for beginners as well as experienced users. The device is powered by a super quiet motor but provides you with a powerful and timely vibration. It uses 2 AA batteries to run and is designed to be waterproof and can easily be taken anywhere including the shower. Choose between different colors and experience pleasure like you never had before with this powerful and quiet vibrator.

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2. Adams Gift pointed Silicone Vibratorpic2

The uniquely strong vibrations of Adam’s gift’s pointed vibrator offers one of the most pleasurable experience for both beginners and experienced users alike. The uniquely curved design of the vibrator ensures that you feel constantly pleasured while playing with the device. It offers a total of 8 different speed frequency for various levels of enjoyment. The device is made up of 100% medical grade silicone and is considered safe. It is lightweight and waterproof to ensure you get to enjoy it anywhere. It runs on battery and controls are conveniently located at the bottom of the device. Choose from different colors and give yourself a pleasurable experience.

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3. Adapic3m’s Gift Hippocampal Silicone Vibrator

If you want to pleasure yourself or you are finding it hard to reach orgasm with your partner, maybe its time to be creative and use Adam’s Gift hippocampal silicone vibrator, the unique bent shape of the device gives you the best possible way to reach the G-spot in every move. Easily stimulate your clitoris as well as your G-spot using this powerful but quiet vibrator. It has a soft texture but provides strong vibrations of different patterns and intensities. It is made up of 100% high grade silicone which ensures safety among others. Pleasure yourself in the shower as it is both waterproof and battery operated. Controls are located at the bottom of the device along with the removable battery cover. Keep your device clean by simply washing it with water. You can even choose the color.

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Enhance your sex life and keep yourself satisfied with any of these devices which are among the top 10 vibrators according to user ratings. Ensure multiple orgasms every time and play with your device anywhere using any of these products. Order now and rekindle your deepest desires.

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